the hammers

Recent improvements in felt, design and manufacturing yield a Steinway hammer with greater stability and a cleaner, “singing” tone.

hammers square
sanding hammers square
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hammers diagram

australian & african merino wool

100% long-length felt fibers

improved hammer design for enhanced tone
improved felt processing for greater stability

Steinway & Sons’ piano hammer felt is made of premium Merino wool from Australia and Africa. In the past ten years, we have greatly improved the wool’s quality: while we previously used a blend of wool fibers of varying lengths, we now use 100% long-length, thus improving the interlocking nature of the fibers and giving the felt increased overall strength. We have also improved the carding and pressing processes of the raw wool, achieving a much more stable and consistent hammer felt.

In recent years, we have improved on the design of the Steinway hammer to incorporate a denser and purer hammer felt. The benefits of this new design permit us to achieve optimal hammer firmness without excessive use of chemical hardeners. This naturally harder hammer felt produces an enhanced “singing” tone in the piano by permitting the long-length fibers to remain undisturbed, all while preserving the felt’s natural barbs and lanolin.

Extensive research and development of the hammer-pressing process has allowed for a more exact hammer shape. A computer-controlled boring machine has been integrated into production to ensure increased accuracy of hammer angles relative to the strings.

To call a genuine grand or upright of Steinway & Sons one’s own is an overwhelming feeling. Far more than just an exquisite instrument, it is an instrument of the highest expression and creativity. A Steinway intimately connects artist and listener, and invites its owner to join a tradition of musical perfection, making it an invaluable investment.

Make Steinway’s legacy of innovation part of your legacy.