At STEINWAY & SONS, our guiding principle is to build to the highest standard, and to continually raise that standard through innovation. If your STEINWAY needs restoration, the only way to ensure that it maintains STEINWAY integrity is to have it restored using STEINWAY RESTORATION CENTER™ services. The expert associates at your STEINWAY PIANO GALLERY OF TAMPA BAY will take time to answer all your questions, de-mystifying the restoration process and facilitate a fun and exciting restoration experience.

STEINWAY & SONS remains the choice of 9 out of 10 concert artists. But just as all pianos are not created equal, all restoration services are not the same. When you restore your STEINWAY with STEINWAY RESTORATION CENTER services, you are ensuring the continued greatness of your instrument. Only STEINWAY & SONS has the combination of knowledge, experience, facilities, and materials to ensure that your piano remains a STEINWAY in every respect. STEINWAY-level greatness is achieved not only through the skill and talent of STEINWAY craftspeople, but also through the decades of development we’ve invested in perfecting our processes. Contact STEINWAY PIANO GALLERY OF TAMPA BAY today to learn how can help bring your STEINWAY back to its original glory

the right choice

Steinway Restoration Center services are the only authorized Steinway piano rebuilding services in the world. Your STEINWAY PIANO GALLERY OF TAMPA BAY team can help walk you through the restoration process, ensuring you make the right choices for your STEINWAY & SONS piano. We accept pianos from institutions, piano technicians, and retailers, as well as from private owners.

All work is backed by an all-inclusive 5-year Steinway warranty—the same as a brand-new Steinway. For future investment appraisal or sale, you’ll receive a dated certification record indicating that your piano has been restored by Steinway & Sons.

proprietary SOUNDBOARD

No single part of the piano is more responsible for the “Steinway Sound” than the soundboard. Our proprietary diaphragmatic soundboard is simply not available to other piano restoration companies or individuals. Steinway & Sons does not sell its soundboards, and other manufacturers cannot replicate them. Thus, if you restore your Steinway using anything other than Steinways Restoration Center services, your piano will no longer have a genuine Steinways soundboard—the lifeblood of the piano. Although Steinways are built to last for generations, over time a Steinway soundboard will lose its “crown” and experience the dryness and cracks that come with age. For this reason, in pianos more than 50 years old, a soundboard replacement is often necessary to retain the famous Steinway sound.

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In addition to accessing the STEINWAY RESTORATION CENTER services, our in-house workshop has the equipment and expertise to restore any model piano to like-new condition. Our technicians have received extensive training from the STEINWAY & SONS piano factory in NYC and are well versed in restoring all types of piano makes. Whether you are looking to upgrade the playability of your existing piano or want to restore your instrument A-Z, we are your best choice to bring life back to your families prized piano. Contact us today to learn more.