Limited Edition

As a company that has crafted world-renowned pianos for multiple generations, STEINWAY & SONS recognizes that artistic and musical creativity go in harmony with the quality and design of the instrument under the artist’s hand. We have collaborated with some of the most notable artists and designers of our time to create a special series of pianos that reimagine what uncompromised expression looks like. Custom built at our STEINWAY & SONS New York and Hamburg factories, our STEINWAY LIMITED EDITION pianos combine classic STEINWAY craftsmanship, with inspired and expressive designs — making each STEINWAY LIMITED EDITION piano both a majestic musical instrument and a completely unique work of art.

Steinway Kravitz 1 fma

The Kravitz Grand

sq 0011 Nichetto steinway sons 275

The Gran Nichetto

180216 Black Closeup2 RT square

the teague sketch iiii

Disney 3Q LidUp Bench5482 WITH GRAPHIC REVISED White Bench JF fma

the Mickey Mouse