As your local STEINWAY dealer, we understand how important your piano is to you and your family.  With this in mind, we offer a comprehensive suite of professional services tailored to address every aspect of piano care including; moving, storage, tuning, repair, restoration, event rentals and more.

We employ full-time professional piano technicians so you can be sure your cherished piano receives the care and attention you demand.   We specialize in servicing only pianos, ensuring our skilled staff possess the expertise required to approach these complex and sensitive instruments.    

Whether it involves moving your piano across the room, conducting an in-home tuning or undertaking a comprehensive restoration of your treasured STEINWAY grand, you can rest assured your piano will be handled with the utmost professionalism and expertise, meeting the highest standards of care.

Tuning & Technical Services

With over 100 years of combined experience, our highly skilled staff of professional technicians provide tuning, voicing, regulation and detail services in your home.
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When it comes to moving a piano, the cardinal rule is clear: never attempt it yourself. Our full time piano moving crew has the experience and know-how to safely move your cherished piano. We spare no expense in the piano moving equipment we use, from our custom piano delivery vehicle to the highest quality pads and dollys – your instrument is in safe hands with us.
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If you need a piano for a performance or event STEINWAY TAMPA BAY has the logistics and world class instrument for you. These unparalleled pianos are prepared to “concert ready” Steinway & Sons standards, thus assuring the artist a piano that will fulfill their performance needs.
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Piano Tuning & Maintenance

Piano Moving

Piano Storage

Piano Restoration

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