Designed by Steinway & Sons in collaboration with renowned furniture designer William Faber — the Essex upright has been created in the spirit of the Steinway heritage as a tribute to the idea that beautiful piano styles and finishes can and should be possible in every price range. With elegant traditional styling and museum-quality finishes, Essex will be a stunning addition to your home. The instrument is available in an array of models, sizes, and veneers to fit every décor and lifestyle.

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sound & style

Exceptional sound and incredible value are the basis for every Essex upright. Elegant details in molding, finishes, and hardware compliment every home, whether it’s a mid-century apartment, industrial loft or country getaway.

  • Classic Studio — classic look, straight legs, brass or nickel hardware
  • Empire Studio — fluted legs & pilasters, stately detailing
  • French Formal — carved cabriole legs, elegant detailing throughout
  • Contemporary — modern style, featuring deep aubergine color and nickel hardware
  • English Country — ornamental details, lustrous satin finish
  • Queen Anne — beautiful hand-carved relief details
  • Continental — distinctive legless style
  • Institutional Studio — performance and durability

explore THE essex upright

  • case
  • soundboard/backposts
  • string scale
  • keys/action/hammers

Essex uprights come in a variety of case styles, and are well-suited for the spectrum of home décor styles and personal aesthetics. From satin black to aubergine mahagony; brass hardware to nickel; contemporary to classic — the Essex line celebrates the marriage of form and function.

High-grade, straight-grained, quarter-sawn spruce is selected for its resonant qualities and high strength-to-mass ratio. The soundboard is solid and not laminated, which creates the best resonance and projection of sound. In 1936, Steinway patented the diaphragmatic soundboard, which is thicker in the middle and gently tapered to the edges. The Essex soundboard is tapered from bass to treble resulting in a stronger, richer, fuller tone.

Essex backposts are massive — providing a solid foundation for the resonating soundboard and tensioned vibrating strings, thus helping create a beautiful tone. Essex backpost locations are staggered — located where the string tension is greatest, instead of neatly equidistant. Massive staggered backposts help provide superb tone and maximum stability, ensuring the piano will last, tunings will be more stable, and piano tone will be enhanced for the years and decades to come.

A low tension string scale, designed by Steinway, gives a fuller, richer, warmer tone by allowing more of the lower partials to sing. It also has more sustain, is more powerful, has more dynamic range, and provides warmer and more mellow tones.

All-wood action parts, solid spruce keys, and excellent action geometry work seamlessly together to move the hammers to the strings and to create an excellent action touch. The beautiful tone produced by the Steinway–specified Essex hammers actually enhances the action touch by “giving back” to the player a beautiful tone.

the model that is right for you

 Steinway & Sons, recognizes the difficult challenges faced in the wake of the recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus. To better serve our customers, we are now offering online purchasing from the convenience of your home.

EUP-123E Classic Studio

A nicely balanced upright with elegantly proportioned classic straight legs, the classic design of the EUP-123E, or Classic Studio Upright, makes a great choice for even the most eclectic of homes.

EUP-123EK Classic Studio Brushed Nickel

A nicely balanced upright with elegantly proportioned classic straight legs, the classic design of the EUP-123EK, or Classic Studio Upright with brushed nickel hardware, makes a great choice for even the most eclectic of homes.

EUP-123FL Empire Studio

A stately and majestic design, the Empire Studio Upright (EUP-123FL) projects a commanding presence and blends beautifully with nearly any décor.

EUP-123S Institutional Studio

The EUP-123S, our Institutional Studio Upright, is ideally equipped to provide great performance and durability in challenging school and institutional settings.

EUP-116FF Formal French – Brown Cherry Satin

Grace and flair perfectly describe the Brown Cherry Satin-finished EUP-116FF BCHS. This Formal French design features an expressive open music rack with graceful curves and top center hand-carved ornamentation.

EUP-116EC English Country

This finely crafted English Country Upright (EUP-116EC) is warm and appealing, reflecting a lustrous satin finish. The timeless, tasteful design, and effortless beauty is sure to intrigue the discriminating home decorator.

EUP-116QA Queen Anne

The well-balanced proportion and graceful appearance of the Queen Anne Upright (EUP-116QA) brings style and refinement to any home. It is distinguished by exceptional craftsmanship, utilizing linear curvature design, soft outlines and simplicity. The beautiful hand-carved reliefs on the legs are also known as Acanthus leaf, symbolizing quality, longevity and creativity.

EUP-116CT Contemporary

Form follows function in the sumptuous Contemporary Upright (EUP-116CT). A wonderful interpretation of the modern style, it features a deep eggplant / aubergine color, popular for today’s furniture. This model is an ideal complement for many decorating styles.

EUP-116E Classic Studio

The timeless design of the Classic Studio Upright (EUP-116E) is at home in any home.

EUP-111E Classic Studio

The Classic Studio Upright (EUP-111E) is the perfect choice for any home. With its classic design, it is sure to compliment any interior space.

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EUP 111E black retouched square

EUP-108C Continental

The styling of the Continental Upright (EUP-108C) puts it at home in any décor. The contemporary design offers distinctive and stylish elegance at an affordable price.