Special Collections

Your Steinway & Sons piano can be the perfect expression of you. Whether it’s a subtle difference, such as the all-silver hardware of the Sterling Steinway, a more eye-catching statement, such as a red Pops Steinway, or the classic look of the Louis XV or Chippendale, we invite you to find a Special Collections Steinway piano that best suits your home and your style.

A piano is just as essential to interior design as it is to a musical ensemble. Our SPECIAL GRAND PIANO COLLECTION offers the custom options you need to find the perfect musical instrument to become a part of your home or music hall.

Astor main fma

the Astor

191223 POPS.1759 r1

custom colors

skyline rear square2


Makassar detail Frontseite square

exotic woods

Jet Noir Model B 30A7036 black square

jet noir

Duet Black Macassar Quarter square

the duet series

180216 Black Closeup2 RT square

the teague sketch iiii