Which Piano Style is Right for You?

Depending on your reason for purchasing a piano, different styles may suit you better than others. For starters, you should decide between an acoustic and digital piano. The term ‘Acoustic’ is used to describe traditional pianos that solely rely on felt hammers hitting high-tensile steel wire strings to produce sound. On the other hand, digital pianos have no strings or hammers and utilizes electronics to produce sound.

There are many pros and cons for either type, and many factors that should be considered when choosing a piano.

First off, where in your home are you planning to place your new piano? In most cases, there are only a few places where an acoustic piano will fit in your home. The location, the style of your home, and your living circumstances will all have some influence on your final decision. An acoustic piano needs to be placed in an environment where the temperature doesn’t fluctuate, to avoid tuning issues. Additionally, you should try to find a room that is acoustically secluded from neighboring homes, to avoid restrictions on practicing. A digital piano does not require as much space as an acoustic, and does not need tuning, is much smaller and can fit into several locations inside the home, and can be played using headphones.

So, what it really comes down to is this; which one will better suit your needs?

An acoustic piano is perfect for you if you have the perfect place in your home for it. A room with controlled temperature and humidity, within reason. This room is secluded enough from other family members, where consistent practice would not disturb them. The room has a reasonable ability to contain sound, and will not leak sound into other rooms of your home or neighbors’ homes. If you’re considering an acoustic model, you should also have a reasonable budget, and have no other prerequisites for the piano other than using it to learn, play, and enjoy music.

A digital piano might be a better fit if you have limited space in your home. The room you plan to place your piano in is consistently occupied by other members of the household, or may disturb your neighbors. Additionally, this room may not have a controlled temperature, and is prone to fluctuations in humidity. And, though you have a low budget ,you also have a desire to play and learn music, you are also interested in exploring other compositions and arrangements.

Making an investment in a classic musical instrument can be a hard decision, and is not a process that should be rushed. Of course, the experts at the Music Gallery of Clearwater are more than happy to help. Contact us today to tour our showroom!