Piano for Children

We are proud to partner with the following quality programs:


This music and movement program is designed for children birth to age 7. Kindermusik was created by music educators over 30 years ago, and is a worldwide program taught in over 35 countries. With a fun, creative style, exciting instrument play, and a solid curriculum, Kindermusik is beloved by parents and children the world over. Parents can feel confident that ALL Kindermusik instructors are licensed and trained through Kindermusik International, and are re-certified and background checked annually. The Music Gallery hosts Kindermusik several times weekly. Kindermusik is a classroom learning experience. We teach children music so they can become better learners. It’s not about making little Mozarts. It’s about developing skills in the whole child – ages newborn to 7 years – cognitive, physical, social, emotional, language and musical.

For more than 25 years, we have believed music is the best conductor for learning.

To learn more about the program, and to find Kindermusik in your area, call Kindermusik of Tampa Bay at (727) 409-7897.


The Suzuki Piano Method is based on the principle that all children possess musical ability and that this ability can be developed and enhanced through a nurturing environment. All children learn to speak their own language with relative ease and if the same natural learning process is applied in teaching musical skills, these can be acquired as successfully. Suzuki referred to the process as the Mother Tongue Method and to the whole system of pedagogy as Talent Education. The Music Gallery hosts the Suzuki Program weekly. For more information about Suzuki Piano Lessons, please call Carmen Geisler at (813) 855-9399 or email at cpgeisler@hotmail.com or Bruce Anderson at (727) 367-1046.

Private Lessons

STEINWAY Piano Gallery can host private musical lessons in our teaching studios.