Spirio vs The Competition


Brand Factory Installed Available In Kit Form Hardware Visibility (From a Formal Viewing Angle)
Spirio Yes Yes Power Cord
Yamaha Disklavier E3 No No Power Cord, Control Panel Beneath Keybed

User Experience

Brand Ease of Setup Ease of Use Once Setup Service Included With Purchase
Spirio Easy Easy Four Service Visits/Year: Tuning, Calibration, Regulation, Voicing and Software Updates
Yamaha Disklavier E3 Average Below Average-Many Complicated Features Determined By Dealer

Technical Features

Brand Separation of Core Player System From Rapidly-Changing User Interface High-Resolution Soft Play and Repetition Proportional Pedaling Operates Keyshift Supports Recording Immunity To Line Voltage Variation
Spirio Excellent Yes Excellent Yes Yes In Development for Future Potential Release Excellent
Yamaha Disklavier E3 Poor Pro Models Only, No Commercial High-Res Content Above Average Yes Yes Standard on All But Very Lowest-End Models Above Average


Brand PROPRIETA.RY MUSIC CATALOG MUSIC CATALOG SIZE Music Package Bundled With Purchase Cost For Access to the Entire Music Library Cost of New Music (Per Album) Music Catalog Recording Artist Ease of Access to New Music Music Types Available Curated Playlists Available Live Video-Sync Events Available Pre-Recorded Video Sync Content Available Streaming “Radio” Content Available Supports User-Provided Content Music Compatability
Spirio Yes Aprox. 1,135 Pieces January, 2016 Entire Music LIbrary and All Future Content Is Complimentary Free Free Steinway Artist New Music Automatically Added to App Solo Piano In-App No Available Q4 2016 No No Spirio Only
Yamaha Disklavier E3 Yes Approx 10,250 Pieces (In 568 Albums) 200 Songs Pre-loaded in Control Unit Not Offered Avg $30 Yamaha Disklavier E3 Artist, Studio Recording Artists Manually Download From online music store & upload to piano controller (or purchase CSs) Solo piano, piano w/accompaniment/vocals,sync w/existing cd, synced videos via streaming Yes Yes Yes Yes Yamaha Disklavier E3 Pianosoft, QrS Pnomation, Pianodisc